Dry Itchy Scalp
Dry Itchy Scalp
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Dry Itchy Scalp

Dry Itchy Scalp

Dry Itchy Scalp Information


Dry itchy scalp is the dehydration of the scalp. A dry scalp causes the dry area to be itchy and flaky. A dry itchy scalp is different from a scalp suffering from dandruff.  The telltale sign is the small pulverize flakes that are shed from the dry scalp. In contrast, dandruff is caused whitish and oily clumps that are set off by a fungus infection. The dry scalp is very sensitive, itchy and looks red when it is exposed to chemicals or heat.

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Causes of a dry itchy scalp

A dry itchy scalp is normally caused by an external factor. It could be the wrong use of shampoo or products, or a change in temperature or humidity. The scalp pH level is somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5. Any shampoo with a neutral pH level of 7 and above is a hundred times less acidic than the normal pH level of the scalp, causing you to suffer from a dry itchy scalp. In addition, some over the counter(OTC) hair products that promise positive effects like stopping an itch can actually have ingredients that can cause a dry itchy scalp! Severe built up of products like hair spray and wax disrupts the natural exfoliating process that takes place every 28 days. Cells pile up and the accumulation of such fine flakes clogs hair follicles and block secretion of the sebum, exacerbating the dry itchy scalp. You can try by sliding a comb or fingernail down a strand of hair. A whitish powdery substance proves the existence of the product built-up.

In addition, winter and climate changes the scalp’s reaction when it is exposed to a dryer environment, and is unable to successfully adapt to the change. It could respond by dehydrating and flaking, causing a dry itchy scalp.

As the dry itchy scalp progressed and enters the stage of extreme dehydration, the dry scalp ages prematurely and feels tighter. It is also tender to the touch. The scalp literally cracks open and the protective scab starts to peel, causing it to flake. The scalp struggles to heal at this point.

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Don’t scratch your dry itchy scalp! 

Many people alleviate the itch of an itchy dry scalp by scratching. Scratching might be a natural reaction to all of us, but it is definitely not a good habit at all! Be it scratching or rubbing, it actually causes the whole problem to be worse!

Scratching offers a temporary immediately relief from the itch, but it aggravates the dry itchy scalp by increasing and speeding up the amount of damage. It is a vicious cycle, the more you scratch, the more it itches, which in turns makes you scratch even more. The habit of constant scratching of the scalp creates microscopic tears on the dry scalp area, wearing away the epidermal scalp, causing it to be tender and sore. Nerve endings and receptors that lay within then responds.

Although rubbing doesn’t cause the scalp to tear, it bruises the dry itchy scalp. The epidermis becomes worn and thin, causing moisture loss. The scalp becomes more sensitive and susceptible to tears and aging damage.  It is only safe to rub your dry scalp when you’re shampooing as the scalp is completely hydrated.

Pay attention to your dry itchy scalp to get rid of it! Fortunately, it is not difficult to get rid of a dry itchy scalp at all.




Dry Itchy Scalp